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Area Directors - United States

Normally in charge of a specified area or region. The Area Director has all of the same responsibilities of the Local Representative with the exception that the Area Director recruits and monitors Local Representatives.  To apply for the Area Director position, one must have previous experience as an Area Director or has successfully served as a Local Representative with experience.

Local Representatives - United States

Area includes everything in a 120 mile radius



Local Representatives are the facilitators for the International Fellowship Exchange Student Program. Intercultural Student exchange is made possible through the promotion and recruitment efforts of Local Representatives who link host families and schools with foreign students interested in living and studying abroad in the United States or Canada.  Local Representatives also assist in the recruitment of U.S./Canadian students interested in the outbound program to foreign countries.  Local Representatives are our visible link in the community, working with schools, students and families. Their recommendations and judgment are critical to the success of the International Fellowship Exchange Student Program. The Local Representative reports to the International Fellowship Area Director for their specific region.  Local Representatives serve in a voluntary capacity and are not on a salary basis. International Fellowship does however provide a per placement fee for each student successfully placed and reimbursement for pre-approved expenses.

Local Representatives - Forms for Screening/Contact

CLICK HERE:  Home Interview Form

CLICK HERE:  Local Rep Orientation with Host Family

CLICK HERE:  Second Visit Form

CLICK HERE:  Post Arrival Orientation Form

CLICK HERE:  Monthly Contact Log Guidelines & Monthly Contact Log

CLICK HERE:  Local Rep Final Evaluation Form

Foreign Representatives  

CLICK HERE:  IF Foreign Rep Position Description and Responsibilities

Foreign Representatives are local nationals who are the facilitators of the International Fellowship exchange student program in their respective country. They assist International Fellowship by recruiting students who wish to live with a host family and study abroad. Intercultural student exchange is made possible through the promotion and recruitment efforts of Foreign Chapter Directors. For students interested in traveling to countries where an International Fellowship foreign chapter exists, the Foreign Chapter Director is responsible for linking students with schools and recruiting host families.


To apply for this position, an organization or individual must submit a Company Profile which includes years of experience, basic information and at least three (3) US-based references with contact information (Address, Phone Number and Email). 

For more information, please call 1-800-647-8839 or fill out our contact form.

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