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Established in 1952, International Fellowship, Inc., a non-profit organization, offers exchange student opportunities for secondary school students who wish to experience the adventure of living in a foreign land, learning about its people, traditions, and language.

Exchange  Student  Program... Opening Worlds of Adventure and Understanding

International Fellowship




  • International Fellowship offers a number of student exchange programs whereby students can learn first-hand about the places and peoples of the world. 
  • Students may select from a 6 month (semester) or 10 month (academic year) program.  We also offer the 12 Month Calendar Year Program to South Korea only at this time.
  • Language preference, cultural interests, and financial resources are considerations when deciding destination and length of stay.  Fluency in the language of the country the student plans to visit is recommended.
  • Orientations provided by International Fellowship help students and host families prepare for a fascinating learning experience.
  • Whether hosting a foreign student or traveling abroad, it is an adventure in worldwide learning.

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"On the basis of materials submitted and reviewed, the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel
grants full listing to International Fellowship in the 2016-2017 Advisory List. The CSIET mark certifies that this organization complies with the standards set forth in the CSIET's standards for international educational travel programs." ~  1-800-647-8839/716-326-7277 and 716-326-7279 (fax)

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