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Students are Available for 2021-2022 Academic Year *Placement Deadline is Tuesday August 31st*

Please Contact Us Today at or 1-800-647-8839 to Host a Student and See Lives Change!

TRAVEL - Trips with Host Family, School, Church and Others... 


Trip Request Form for ALL Trips:  Trip Request Form

Thank you!

Insurance Issues

Please Call our Office at 1-800-647-8839 with any and all questions.  It is important to remember to bring your student's insurance card and claim forms with you to all medical visits, regardless of the reason.  Please have the student's portion completed so you can give it to the medical provider before you leave the facility.  

The medical provider then completes the remainder of the form and submits it to the insurance company. 

Please list the host home address and phone number as the student's address/phone number so if there are any questions about the bill or a portion of the bill is not covered by insurance, the student is then called or sent a bill for the remainder.  By putting the student's home address or the program's address, this only delays the bill arriving to the appropriate party for payment. 

**ALL EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS**  These are NOT covered by the insurance unless the student is admitted to the Hospital for at least one over-night stay.  If the student is not admitted, but must go to the Emergency Room, the co-pay is $250.

GlobeInternational Fellowship Tour - January or February 2021

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic - the Tour for 2021 has been cancelled.

The dates of the International Fellowship Tour to NYC and Washington DC will be Sunday or Monday January or February XX, 2021 through Saturday January or February XX, 2021. 

Please call the toll-free number: 1-800-647-8839 (24-Hour Phone Line), Click HERE or email us at for more information.

FOR ALL STUDENTS ATTENDING THE IF TOUR- Please call the 1-800-647-8839 phone number with any questions or issues while traveling to and from the IF Tour.  There will be someone monitoring all students who are flying to and from the IF Tour.

Thank You!

Employment Opportunities 

We are always interested in enthusiastic individuals here in the United States to assist our Placement Directors in locating and securing host families and schools for our students.

Please Check out the "Employment Opportunities" page on our website.

Call 1-800-647-8839 or email  for more details today!


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"On the basis of materials submitted and reviewed, the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel
grants full listing to International Fellowship in the 2016-2017 Advisory List. The CSIET mark certifies that this organization complies with the standards set forth in the CSIET's standards for international educational travel programs." ~  1-800-647-8839/716-326-7277 and 716-326-7279 (fax)

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